Senin, 08 Oktober 2012


File            New, Open, Close, Save,Save As, Page setup, Print perview, Print, Properties, Exit.
Edit            Undo, Repeat, Cut, Copy, Office clipboard, Paste, Paste special, Select All, Find, Replace, Go To, Object.
 View            Normal, Web Lay Out, Print Lay Out, Task Pane, Toolbars, Ruller, Document Map, Header and     Footer, Fullscreen, Zoom.
 Insert           Break, Page Number, Date and Time, Auto Text, Symbol, Picture, Diagram, Text Box, File, Object,Hyperlink.
 Format       Font, Paragraph, Bullet and Numbering, Border and Shading, Column, Tab, Dropcap, Text Direction,  Change Case, Object.
  Tools          Speling and Grammar, Research, Language, Word count, Speech, Letter and Mailing, Macro, Autocorrect Options, Customize, Options.
  Table           Draw Table, Insert, Delete, Select, Merge Cells, Split Cells, Split Table, Table Autoformat, Autofit,          Convert, Sort, Formula, Hide Gridlines, Table Properties.
 Window     New Window, Arrange All, Compare Side by side with, Split.
  Help            Microsoft Office Word Help, Hide The Office Assistant, Microsoft Office Online, Contact Us, Wordperfect Help, Check for Updates, Detect and Repair, About Microsoft Office Word.

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